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Founded in 2019

It All Started with a Sibling Rivalry

Mandy Blipper started Blipper Law when her annoying older brother would not stop poking her in the back seat of the family car. Her parents were unable to avenge her from the front seat, so Mandy studied The Law for Kids and successfully brought her brother to justice. From there, her firm grew to a staff of 10 tween and child attorneys.

sibling rivalry

Childhood Justice for You

Time Out & Grounding Reversal

Parents are unfair. Let a jury of your peers decide appropriateness and duration of time outs and groundings.

Halloween Candy Compensation

Parental Halloween candy theft is a growing epidemic. You did the tricking and treating, so get compensated for your hard work.

Gross Food Evasion

Asparagus, brussels sprouts, liver, mushrooms, spinach, sugar-free cereal – we can help you eradicate these disgusting foods from your plate.

Tattle Tale Defense

You might be guilty of the tale, but that doesn't excuse someone from tattling on you. It's only fair.

Minor Discomforts

Ouchies, boo boos, oopsies. Get justice for any minor scrapes or bumps.

Toy Wreck Claims

Whether by negligence or hostility, we can replace damaged toys with even better ones.

Emily Magdalenski, 10

After my brother stepped on my Barbie Dream 'Vette and crushed it, I was unable to play for 3 months. Blipper Law got me the justice I deserved. Now I have a Barbie Dream Deluxe Escalade and a new lease on life.

Brayden Kaiserman, 8

I was put in time out for no reason. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have used the couch as a trampoline, but ten minutes was an excessive punishment. Blipper Law got my time out reversed, so it no longer appears on my permanent record.

Timmy Turner, 7

My parents thought it would be funny to eat my Halloween candy because they saw it on some stupid late night show. Blipper Law found video evidence of their confession, and I recouped my losses tenfold.